Think Delivery

When is the last time you thought – deeply, as a leader – about delivery systems? If you are in the world of commerce, you probably answered, "Today." It's one of the most pressing concerns facing the marketplace.

But if you are a church or a seminary?

You probably don't have an answer.

But you should.

A delivery system is simply the way you deliver a product or a message. Leadership is often phrased as getting from "here to there." But a delivery system is how you get "this to there." One might think that delivery systems don't require much thought, but that would be tragically wrong, and for one simple reason:

The way people want and need things delivered changes.

For example, news recently broke that Best Buy is going to stop selling CDs at its stores. Click here to continue reading this post and to view the blog archive.

Daily Headline News

The 10 celebrities evangelicals trust most and least in politics

According to Morning Consult, endorsements by prominent religious leaders hold more clout with self-identified US evangelicals than those by other celebrities, but still aren't as impactful as endorsements by other politicians themselves. (Shellnutt, Christianity Today)


Court: Pakistani Christians must reveal religion to vote or apply for jobs

Applicants who disguise their true religion defy the constitution and betray the state, the judge stated. Their true religion must now also be visible on birth certificates, ID cards, voters' lists, and passports. (Christianity Today)


Mississippi Governors signs nation's toughest abortion ban into law

It is called the Gestational Age Act, and it bans abortions after 15 weeks of gestation, except in the case of a medical emergency or a severe fetal abnormality. (Gathright, NPR)


The last Americans in North Korea: Christian Missionaries

Their presence has sharpened debate over whether gifts of food and medicine promote goodwill or allow Kim Jong Un's regime to divert spending to its nuclear arms program. (Lyons & Cheng, The Wall Street Journal)


Answering the Most Common Questions

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