A list of links to various organizations and ministries that the Church & Culture Team has found helpful.
The Barna Group, under the leadership of George Barna, consistently offers the latest and best societal snapshots through their wide and ranging research.
Baptist Press news/blog - good source for news and comment from the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.
Christianity Today is the umbrella organization for a number of first-rate periodicals, including such magazines as Christianity Today and Books and Culture. Their website not only provides access to a database of articles from such periodicals, but offers one of the best daily weblogs for news and information of interest to Christians. Their film forum, providing the latest in film reviews, is also superb.
The official website of the American Society of Church History.
The mission of the Colson Center is to seek the transformation of believers as they apply biblical thinking to all of life, enabling them to transform their communities.
While a number of sites are devoted to Lewis (see particularly "Into the Wardrobe" at, this is the official site of the C.S. Lewis Foundation, which also oversees The Kilns (Lewis' home).
The home site of James Dobson's Focus on the Family, it offers a portal to a number of helpful resources regarding family, public policy and culture.
One of the more thoughtful journals on religion and culture, First Things provides search access to a data base of past articles.
The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, founded by John R.W. Stott, works to equip Christians to make a difference in such areas as work, culture, media and communication. It offers a number of helpful resources as well as study programs.
There's nothing quite like Mars Hill Audio. Think the best of National Public Radio, but by Christians and for Christians. In fact, founder Ken Myers comes from NPR. The bi-monthly audio resource offers interviews, critiques, and an impressive range of cultural engagements (art, music, poetry, film). Though not without its editorial biases (not particularly warm to efforts at cultural translation), Mars Hill consistently offers thoughtful and engaging conversations that stimulate the mind.
The website for Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where James Emery White serves as founding and senior pastor.
The site for MTV - the clearest window into pop and youth culture, or at least what is attempting to influence it.
The home site of Prison Fellowship Ministries, founded by Charles Colson, as well as The Wilberforce Forum, which seeks “to help Christians approach life with a biblical worldview so that they can in turn shape culture from a biblical perspective."
The home site of Rick Warren's various Purpose Driven ministries, particularly resources related to helping churches become purpose driven. Extremely practical and helpful for churches of any size, and at any stage.
Q educates church and cultural leaders on their role and opportunity to embody the Gospel in public life.
The Dallas News religion blog. Though somewhat diminished of late in terms of staff, it remains a solid and current source of information.
The Trinity Forum is a leadership academy that works to cultivate networks of leaders whose integrity and vision will help renew culture and promote human freedom and flourishing.
The home site of the Willow Creek Association, one of the leading organizations helping churches become biblically functioning communities that impact the world. This site will lead you to WCA resources and conferences.

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